Years of experience and training allow me to excel at many kinds of research, writing, and editing projects. I pride myself on being deadline- and word-count driven, communicative, and reliable.

My experience covers most genres of non-fiction, from lively marketing blurbs to detailed technical reports, and I've written texts ranging in length from 140-character tweets to 100,000-word book manuscripts.


My business experience includes writing business proposals, proposal responses, and various kinds of reports and summaries. I have written technical and training manuals for a range of audiences including programmers and complete novices.


My scholarly experience involves literature, history, and human rights issues ranging from the Middle Ages to postmodernism. In addition to my humanties and social science expertise, I am scientifically literate and statistically numerate, and have experience with experimental and quantitative data analysis as well as qualitative and hermeneutic analysis.

I have domain knowledge and work experience in the fields of basic science and medicine; computer and internet technology; business and entrepreneurship; and many aspects of politics, history, and culture.

I have a lot of experience using various structured and general search tools, am highly skilled at contextualizing and assessing information, and have excellent summarizing and analysing skills. My computer experience is second to none, and includes all major applications on Windows, Mac, and Linux as well as database design and scientific and web programming.


I spent five years working in the fast-paced and demanding world of scientific medical journal publishing, and have also vetted, edited, and published scholarly articles in the humanities. I have performed all levels of editing from proofreading to substantive and structural editing, and take pleasure in correctness as well as flow and elegance of expression.