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Perennial underdog. Artistic powerhouse.

Long winters. Glorious summers.

Winnipeg is a vibrant and fascinating place with a complex sense of history and a self-deprecating sense of pride.

Architecture here runs the gamut from glorious to regrettable. Urban design tends to the flat and wide, in true prairie style. The city is perched at the intersection of the Red and Assiniboine rivers and shot through with natural features such as Assiniboine Forest and Ormand's creek; nature is never far away no matter how vast its sense of sprawl.

Winnipeg is a city of neighborhoods, bounded by natural features, by historical patterns of building and development, and by socio-economic barriers.

It's a kaleidoscope that tells the story of the settlement of the prairies, of the ongoing legacy of colonialism, of the rapid pace and uncertain trajectory of economic change, and of the growing urbanization of Canada.