Gallery » Harvest Moon Festival

This is a really special little festival in Southwest Manitoba.

Every year a couple of thousand music fans descend on the tiny and welcoming town of Clearwater to enjoy an eclectic mix of roots / folk / country music, workshops about sustainability and permaculture, a farmer's market, and a great sense of community and fun.

The festival is the main fundraiser for the Harvest Moon Society, which provides permaculture education and resources as well as a very successful farmer-to-consumer marketing service.

I find it a quintessentially Manitoba experience, bringing together music, agriculture, and a decidedly informal, DIY, community based ethic and vibe. It also takes place late enough in the fall (mid September) that the Manitoba winter is clearly on its way: nights can be cold, and the night-time audience is typically a sea of toques.

Harvest Moon is a weekend I look forward to again as soon as it's over.