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It's been over a year since I started working from a standing desk. Using the desk has felt increasingly normal: at least some of the increased productivity and focus I originally enjoyed has faded through familiarity. I still use the desk every day, and sometimes all day, but find I gravitate to sitting with my laptop for some tasks, especially writing (particularly for the creative flurry of first drafts). I'm far more likely to stand to do technical or detailed stuff: Internet work, photo editing, or revising my writing.

Having proved to myself that I will actually do and enjoy standing work, I headed to IKEA today and bought the parts for a newer, sleeker, sanding desk. This was prompted mostly by my realization that the old desk was a couple of inches too tall for properly ergonomic work. I also wanted to have both standing and sitting stations in my office, since I do like the variety.

So here is the new workstation. I consists of a tall table for the work surface, and a small platform for the monitors. I took this article as my guide, but worked with the following elements because the main thing they use (the UTBY frame) isn't offered any more:

VIKA table legs. A bit pricey, but the only legs that offer enough height for me. I used two at the front and anchored the tabletop to the wall with ...

EKBY VALTER brackets. Two bucks!

VIKA AMON table top. This is the smallest size (100cm x 60cm), which I like.

EKBY VIKTOR shelf. Five bucks!

CAPITA cabinet legs. I used the 6" length, which doesn't currently appear on the website.

The VIKTOR shelf + the CAPITA legs form the monitor shelf, which I can slide around if I want to reposition it. The VALTER brackets were a great choice because they create a gap at the wall for cables to pass through. The whole thing cost about $115, half of which was the adjustable legs.

So far I really like the more polished look and feel of the desk, and much appreciate the lower keyboard and mouse. It's also an unexpected pleasure to have my regular desk back again, as I've been missing a convenient surface to spread things out for organizing and filing.

And between the shopping, building, and blogging, this has also been spectacularly successful procrastination. Tomorrow: back to work.